Affiliate Program

Do you know lots of small businesses that would love and utilise their very own design team each month but didn’t know it could all come at a low fixed monthly cost?

Great! Now send them our way quick smart.. Just a sec, you might ask what’s in it for me to recommend them to Orange Designs? I’m glad you asked. As a little thank you for every customer you bring in and who signs up, you will receive 10% of their monthly fee. This will paid out to you every single month for as long as they are a customer!

There’s a high chance you might know several of people that could benefit from this service and if say 5 of them were to sign up each month you would be looking at the below monthly payout:

Customer Subscription plan Commission
Hiking outdoor company $299 $30
Meditation centre $399 $40
All night Dancing Bar $299 $30
Local tour company $299 $30
Sushi Restaurant $499 $50
Monthly Payout $180

Now sit back each month and enjoy the Sushi dinner on us!