Frequently Asked Questions

What can I have designed?

Anything you can think of. The designers we have hand-selected as part of the team have a vast array of skills. Be aware though that the more complex or difficult the request is, the more hours it will take. View the estimated time for different design projects HERE.

Am I assigned a specific designer to work on my account?

No. When placing the design request it will then be taken up by the person who has the most skills in that type of design.

What if in the same month I need more design hours than my package allows for that month?

If you are going to run over your allotted hours for the month then you can purchase a booster pack HERE.

What if I don't have a lot of design needs for the next few months?

You then have 2 options. Either be downgraded to our $99 Pause package which keeps your account open and access to 5 hours of design for that month. Or we can put a complete pause on your account. You can be fully paused for a maximum of 3 months before starting again or cancelling your account.

I have 3 brands I need work done for, is it ok to use my account for all three?

Yes it sure is. You are free to utilise your account for whatever brand or design requirement you might have.

I need something personal designed, is that still possible?

Sure is, we encourage you to get the most out the service, so if thats having something designed for your personal use then go for it!

A business associate of mine needs some design work done can they use my account?

The best way to handle this is to refer your friend or associate that way they can trial the service for free. If they go ahead and sign up for an account you also receive 10% of their monthly account fee!

What if I refer a few people to Orange designs, is there any incentive you can offer?

There sure is. We have an affiliate program where anyone who recommends someone who signs up to an account will receive 10% of their monthly fee for as long as they stay a customer.

What is the average turn around time?

Average turn around time is 24-48 hours for first draft. The time is dependant on how many revisions are needed to be done.

If I have any problems who will handle this?

You as well as having a dedicated design team will have your personal account manager who can handle any customer service issues or questions.

Is there anything you don’t design?

Not that we can think of, but test us. We love a challenge.